Workshop about Downhole Pumps at IGC Turkey

  • 01 May 2017
  • by enerchange

CO2 is the natural lift of most of the geothermal wells in Turkey. However often this lift weakens due to decreasing CO2 contents in the geothermal water. Artificial lift offers possibilities that has to be taken into account for the production of geothermal water. This Workshop takes a closer look on this topic from different perspectives.

There are already two presentations confirmed. One by Ali Cenk Kahya from the MW sponsor of the IGC Turkey and the other by Julia Scheiber from Bestec:

Prevention of degassing by successful Line Shaft Pump operation in highly mineralized and CO2 rich brines – experiences from Western Europe
Julia Scheiber, Dr. Jörg Baumgärtner, Thomas Hettkamp, Dr. Marion Schindler, Bestec GmbH
J. Frost, R. Paredes, FROST Consulting
ESP technologies for low pressure shallow and deep wells in Turkey
Ali Cenk Kahya, Schlumberger

The Workshop is included for free fror regular participants of the IGC Turkey.