Webinar Recording: Geothermal development in Turkey and Indonesia – A Comparison

  • 29 Jan 2018
  • by Eren Gunuc

In conjunction with the IGC Turkey Geothermal Congress & Exhibition to take place in Ankara, Turkey – March 14-15, 2018, we are holding a series of webinars. 


The first one, took place January 30, 2018. In the webinar we compared the geothermal development in Turkey and Indonesia. 

Although Indonesia and Turkey seem to be very unlike countries, both in their resources and actual geothermal development. While Indonesia is the country with the largest geothermal resources, development has lagged behind with regards to the large ambitions by the country’s government. Turkey on the other hand has good geothermal resources, while mostly not as hot as resources found in Indonesia, yet the country has managed to push geothermal development at a pace not seen before in the geothermal world.

In this webinar, we are providing an overview on development in both countries and look at where the countries differ and what is the outlook for further development.

But check it out here below or directly via YouTube.