We welcome EGESIM as KW-Sponsor

  • 16 May 2016
  • by enerchange



Logo-Energy-Electric-AutomationEGESİM, providing turnkey project solutions in energy sector, has become a well-known brand, as regards Geothermal Energy Stations. EGESİM, which provides its competent engineering skills and high technologies to Geothermal Energy Plants, Wind Energy Plants, Hydroelectric Plants, Combined Natural Gas Cycle Power Plants, Thermal Plants and Cogeneration Plants; has successfully carried out many turnkey projects by finding particular solutions for electric distribution and control, automation, SCADA systems and switchyards from project phase and become a leader in energy sector.


Geothermal Energy in Power Plants;

  • Consulting Services for Geothermal Energy Power Plants
  • Energy Production Control Automation ( Reporting, Energy Monitoring, Wellhead and Reinjection Systems, Fire Supression Systems etc. )
  • PLC Systems with Redundant Configuration &Energy SCADA Software ( PCS-7 / STEP-7 )
  • Process Automation ( Booster and feeding pumps, valves, instruments, dosing motors control and monitoring )
  • Intercommunication of stations with fiber optic infrastructure
  • Process Instrumentation Supply and Field Engineering Services
  • Vapour Collection, Injection and Reinjection System Integration
  • PLC and MCC VFD Panels Design, Production, Erection & Commissioning
  • Complete Plant , Medium Voltage Cubicles& Low Voltage Panel Special Design, Production, Erection
  • Step Up / Down Switchgear ( Substation )
  • Earthing Systems
  • Calculation of Cables and Systems suitable for the Ministry of Energy requirements
  • Cable channels, Cabling and Cableways for turnkey project
  • Getting approvement of projects by the Ministry of Energy   and E.T.K.B.


Calculation of Cables and Systems suitable for the Ministry of Energy requirements, energy transmission lines services, Egesim with its 200 of experienced engineering staff carries out central automation (BOP) works, important for operation of a plant, and offers special engineering solutions with created by specialists programmes to Energy Plants. As a result, it is possible to excercise full time monitoring of a plant with a remote access and immediately treat potential errors. As ‘’Siemens Partner’’, Egesim, sharing its engineering experience with world’s leading brands in electrical and energy sector, has successfully finished all automation and electrification works of 15 Geothermal plants and continues to do research-development work for new energy plants.


To get more information about EGESIM   you are invited to visit website ( www.egesim.com )