Egesim GeoTHOUR to Manisa is completely booked

  • 31 Oct 2019
  • by enerchange

This year’s field trip of IGC Turkey will lead on November 7, 2019 to the Özmen-3 Geothermal Power Plant of Özmen Holding/ Sis Enerji Üretim A.Ş. in Manisa. The last places were just booked so that the GeoTHOUR is completed.

The 22.3 MW Özmen-3 Geothermal Power Plant started operation in September 2019, following the approval by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Construction work on the plant started in July 2018. Engineering, construction and commissioning was conducted by EGESİM with an impressive 13 month of completion time.

The achievement in completing the plant within 13 months can be credited to the close cooperation of EGESİM with the customer in every phase of the work on the plant, including:

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Installation, and
  • Commissioning.

All of the above with close, streamlined and mutual application of project management principles and tools.

Another crucial element of the development and operation of the plant was the close involvement of the local partner for:

  • perpetual training of the customer’ staff right from the first phase of construction,
  • readily availability of spare parts in the possible shortest time,
  • readily availability of the maintenance team by EGESİM in case of mechanical-electrical and automation interruption,
  • predictive analysis and estimates of possible operational challenges allow the plant to reach an availability of more than 97 %.

The Özmen-3 geothermal power plant was developed with an investment of USD 70 million and designed to be in operation for a 40-year period. The expected time of return of investment of the plant is expected to be 4.2 years. Based on extensive research carried out to evaluate the geothermal reservoir, it is estimated that there is potential for a future utilization of up to 120 MW.

In the context of the installed capacity, the Özmen-3 geothermal power plant ranks no. 25 among the biggest geothermal plants in Turkey. Thanks to its capacity, an annual production of 149 MWh of electricity can be achieved, being able to provide cities with electricity for all daily consumption among others for households, industry, subway, business centers, government facilities, environmental and street lighting. In the context of household consumption, the Özmen-3 plant creates sufficient electricity for up to 89,000 residences.

Özmen-3 is the second eco-friendly power plant built by EGESİM in an EPC capacity, with the complete process being traceable by smart control systems compliant with industry 4.0 standards.

It is due to the quality management system of EGESİM in the implementation of the project that all components in the development and construction succeed and brought the project to completion within 13 months.