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Presentation of the GEORISK Project

The next decade will be geothermal: how to deliver?

Philippe Dumas

– Presentation of the GEORISK Risk Register and Risk Assessment Tool– Establishing a geothermal risk mitigation scheme– The right scheme for the right market: conditions for schemes according to market maturity


Philippe Dumas

Presentation of the GEORISK Risk Register and Risk Assessment Tool

Ferid Seyidov
gec-co Global Engineering & Consulting

The right scheme for the right market: conditions for schemes according to market maturity

Dr. Horst Kreuter
GeoThermal Engineering

Feedback:Technical trends in the market, notably the German case

Marcus Ruff

– The Turkish example– Roundtable discussion: Feedbacks from GEORISK advisory committee members


Çağrı Yıldırım
TUBITAK - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

The Turkish Example

Ender Dincer

Roundtable discussion: Feedbacks from GEORISK advisory committee members

Bengisu Kilic Gokberk
Kadir Sancar
World Bank

Environmental Risks in Turkey, results from GEOENVI

Cannur Bozkurt
Armoni Danışmanlık

– Deep geothermal market & opportunity analysis– GEORISK activities in third countries:

  • Market conditions to de-risk project
  • Capacity building activities


Thomas Garabetian

Deep geothermal market & opportunity analysis by Geo-Energy Europe Project:

Stephen Walsh

Establishing a geothermal risk mitigation scheme in third countries

Virginie Schmidlé-Bloch
Philippe Dumas


Cannur Bozkurt
Armoni Danışmanlık


Alexander Richter
ThinkGeoEnergy Ltd.
Yüksel Kurt
Petrol Mühendisleri Odası
Alim Muratha
Jeoloji Mühendisleri Odası

Key Note: 10 years of Zorlu Energy in geothermal investment challenges

Raziye Şengün
Zorlu Energy

The next decade will be geothermal: how to deliver?

Philippe Dumas


Philippe Dumas

The importance of support mechanisms

Ali Kindap
Zorlu Enerji

Identifying the right support schemes conditions for a successful market uptake of geothermal technologies

Thomas Garabetian

Financing of the Efeler Plant

Mehmet Erdem Yasar

Risk Sharing Mechansim

Ender Dincer

Environmental impact of geothermal and innovative solutions

Prof.Dr. Alper Baba
İzmir Institute of Technology

Judicial and Administrative Sanctions in Environmental Law

Barış Ecevit Akgün
Environmetal Ministry

Elimination of Hydrogen Sulphide from Non-Condensable Gases in Geothermal Power Plants by Microalgae

Murat Karadas
GMK Energy

An innovative approach to CO2 re-injection

Mustafa Demir

CO2 Storage and Utilization of CO2 due to Geothermal Power Plants

Dr. Füsun Tut Haklidir
Bilgi University

Characterizing the Declining CO2 Emissions from Turkish Geothermal Power Plants

Yasemin Örücü
World Bank
Prof. Dr. Serhat Akin
Middle East Technical University


Alexander Richter
ThinkGeoEnergy Ltd.

Toshiba Geothermal System – Flash Technology


How to Manage H2S and CO2 in Geothermal Power Plants

Reza Agahi, Ph.D.
Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench Company LLC

Improving an operating geothermal power plant

Gad Shoshan
Ormat Technologies Inc.

Electricity Generation - Evolution of Technology and Project Delivery

Kevin Wallace
Power Engineers

Strategies to reduce CO2 emissions. Power plant perspective


Cannur Bozkurt
Armoni Geothermal Consultancy Services

Thermal is Health

İsa Erdem
Kaya İzmir Thermal & Convention

Use of geothermal energy in agriculture and support mechanism

Deniz Oruç
Ministry of Agriculture and Forest


Müslüm Yanmaz
Association of Greenhouse Investors and Producers Association

Hybrid regional solutions for Geothermal, solar and wind

Prof. Dr. Birol Kılkış
JKBB & Baskent University

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems - Integration opportunities of Turkey

Orhan Mertoğlu
Geothermal Association of Turkey (TJD)

GeoSmart; towards a more flexible and efficient system

Arnaud Tronche

State of the Art EGS Projects: Experiences from Middle Europe and Great Britain

Thomas Hettkamp
Bestec GmbH

Dany Batscha
Ormat Technologies

The Lithium Challenge

Dr. Jochen Schneider


Dr. Füsun Tut Haklidir
Bilgi University

Reservoir monitoring and well tests

Mustafa Yasin Özbek

Injection Rehabilitation at Kizildere Geothermal Field

Erdinç Şentürk
Zorlu Energy

Management and Maintenance of Resource and Plant

Manon Stover
Veizades & Associates

Two phase flow measurements with Tracer Flow Test Method

Hakkı Aydın
Zorlu Energy

Analysis method of naphthalene sulfonate salts with HPLC; Kızıldere case study.

Sanem Kılınçarslan
Zorlu Energy

This year's field trip of IGC Turkey will lead to the Özmen-3 Geothermal Power Plant of Özmen Holding/ Sis Enerji Üretim A.Ş. in Manisa.     The 22.3 MW Özmen-3 Geothermal Power Plant started operation in September 2019, following the approval by the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Construction work on the plant started in July 2018. Engineering, construction and commissioning was conducted by EGESİM with an impressive 13 month of completion time.The achievement in completing the plant within 13 months can be credited to the close cooperation of EGESİM with the customer in every phase of the work on the plant, including:   

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Installation, and
  • Commissioning.

 All of the above with close, streamlined and mutual application of project management principles and tools. Another crucial element of the development and operation of the plant was the close involvement of the local partner for: 

  • Perpetual training of the customer' staff right from the first phase of construction,
  • readily availability of spare parts in the possible shortest time,
  • readily availability of the maintenance team by EGESİM in case of mechanical-electrical and automation interruption,
  • predictive analysis and estimates of possible operational challenges allow the plant to reach an availability of more than 97%.

The Özmen-3 geothermal power plant was developed with an investment of USD 70 million and designed to be in operation for a 40-year period. The expected time of return of investment of the plant is expected to be 4.2 years. Based on extensive research carried out to evaluate the geothermal reservoir, it is estimated that there is potential for a future utilization of up to 120 MW. In the context of the installed capacity, the Özmen-3 geothermal power plant ranks no. 25 among the biggest geothermal plants in Turkey. Thanks to its capacity, an annual production of 149 MWh of electricity can be achieved, being able to provide cities with electricity for all daily consumption among others for households, industry, subway, business centers, government facilities, environmental and street lighting. In the context of household consumption, the Özmen-3 plant creates sufficient electricity for up to 89,000 residences. Özmen-3 is the second eco-friendly power plant built by EGESİM in an EPC capacity, with the complete process being traceable by smart control systems compliant with industry 4.0 standards. It is due to the quality management system of EGESİM in the implementation of the project that all components in the development and construction succeed and brought the project to completion within 13 months.

After the Congress Day all participants of the IGC Turkey congress are invited to get together at the IGC Lounge. The ambient atmosphere with finger food and drinks facilitates informal discussions and networking. So take the chance an join the IGC Lounge on November 7, 2019.

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