IGC Turkey 2018

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In this Workshop financing of geothermal projects in Turkey and risk share mechanisms will be presented and discussed. One of the topics is the risk share mechanism of the World Bank.

This Workshop introduces the different jobs from well pad construction to tubing and cementing of a geothermal well.

The first part of the Workshop introduces geothermal projects in different county with any relation to Turkey. The second part after the coffee break will face EGS and other challenging geothermal projects.

Join us for some drinks in an ambient atmosphere to discuss and network with other players of the Turkish Geothermal Industry.

The feed-in tariff for the geothermal electricity production is running out in 2020. In cooperation with JESDER this forum will show differenct incentive schemes worldwide and the economy of geothermal projects. With English/Turkish simultaneous translation.

With English/Turkish simultaneous translation

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